Procemec was founded in 1985 to provide the Mexican industrial market withinnovation and quality in dies as well as in stamped parts

Our technical expertise and the exportation of some of our products keep us in the national market. We meet the demand of the automotive, white goods, aerospace, and electronic industries, among others.

We have a long history of quality, punctuality, and service. We are certified under norma ISO 9001:2015, and we are transitioning to IATF 16949.

Nosotros Procemec Mexico
Misión Procemec


To manufacture and supply tools and high-quality die-cut parts exceeding our customers’ expectations since we are reliable suppliers in the industry.


Procemec will be an active, dynamic, and leading company in the manufacturing of dies and stamped components, recognized by:

  • Excellent working environment.
  • Highly-qualified personnel.
  • Quality of products.
  • Technology.
  • Profitability.

All that will provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.


In Procemec, we manufacture dies and stamped components. We are committed to quality to meet our customers’ requirements regarding product specifications, delivery time, and the number of required pieces. We manage the present risks during the development of our processes based on our quality management system. We benefit our partners, customers, suppliers, collaborators, and the social environment through continuous improvement.

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